Glial tumors are common primary brain tumors that are malignant in nature and have been shown to originate in astrocytes, oligodendroglial cells and the ependyma. At the genetic and molecular levels gliomas show several alterations which seem to accelerate growth-factor mediated cell proliferation and render malignancy. Such multifactorial processes underlie the heterogeneity of these tumors which leave several open ends that demand extensive research. Thus, advances in the understanding that may be achieved through molecular and translational glioma research can aid in the identification of diagnostic, prognostic and/or predictive markers as well as potential drug targets. To this end, Prof Sinha’s primary research interests aim at understanding the molecular biology of glial tumor progression; studying genomic instabilities that may contribute to alterations in tumor phenotype which in turn may confer drug resistance; study of cellular responses to stress including hypoxia; transcriptional gene silencing and its implications in tumor biology and therapeutics; and, development of recombinant antibody methods for testing potential use in oncotherapeutics.

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