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Prof. Pravat K. Mandal
Scientist-VI / Professor
  Email : pravat[AT]nbrc[dot]ac[dot]in, pravat[dot]nbrc[AT]gov[dot]in
  Lab Website
1. Pravat K Mandal*, Krity Kansara and Aroma Dabas "The GABA–Working Memory Relationship in Alzheimer's Disease" Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Report 1 43-45 (2017)
2. Pravat K Mandal*, Deepika Shukla, Varan Govind, Yves Boulard and Lars Ersland "Glutathione Conformations and Its Implications for in vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Volume 59 (2) 537-541 (2017)
3. Xanthate D. Suvarnalata, Sumiti Saharan, Patha Raghunathan, Pravat K Mandal* Stimulus-dependent Modulation of Working Memory for Visual Identity Monitoring: An functional MRI study" Brain and Cognition, Vol 102:55-64 (2016)
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5. Monika Grewal; Aroma Dabas; Sumiti Saharan1; Peter B. Barker; Richard A.E. Edden; and Pravat K. Mandal*, "GABA Quantitation using MEGA-PRESS: Regional and Hemispheric Differences" Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 44(6):1619-1623(2016)
6. Pravat K Mandal, Sumiti Saharan, Manjari Tripathi and Geetanjali Murari "Brain Glutathione Levels – A Novel Biomarker for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease" Biological Psychiatry Vol 78(10):702-10 (2015)
7. Pravat K. Mandal, Sumiti Saharan, Sara Khan, Mithun James "Apps for Dementia Screening: A Cost-effective and Portable Solution", Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Vol 47, Number 4 (2015)
8. Pravat K Mandal*, Karen Ritchie,and Vincenzo Fodale* Anesthetics and its Impact on the Brain and Alzheimer’s Disease, Journal of Alzheimer's disease (2014) Editorial Vol 39 No 2 223-225.
9. Jitesh Joshi, Sumiti Saharan and Pravat Mandal* " BOLDSync: A MATLAB-based Toolbox for Synchronized Stimulus Presentation in Functional MRI study" Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2014 ) 223 pages 123– 132
10. Sumiti Saharan and Pravat K Mandal * "Emerging Role of Glutathione in Alzheimer's Disease. Journal of Alzheimer's disease. Vol 40 2014 (519-529)
11. Pravat K Mandal "Brain Metabolic Mapping with MRS – A Potent Non-invasive Tool for Clinical Diagnosis of Brain Disorders". American Journal of Neuroradiology ,(Editorial in PRESS) Special Issue Metabolic Brain Mapping.
12. R Prashanth, SD Roy, PK Mandal, S Ghosh "Automatic Classification and Prediction Models for Early Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis from SPECT Imaging" Expert Systems with Applications; (2014) Vol 41; Pages 3333–3342
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14. Pravat K. Mandal*, Rashima Mahajan, Ivo D. Dinov "Structural Brain Atlases: Design, Rationale and Applications in Normal and Pathological Cohorts" Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease vol 31 169-188 (2012)
15. Pravat K mandal, Jitesh Joshi, Sumiti Saharan "Visuospatial Perception: An Emerging Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. vol 31 117-136(2012).
16. Pravat K Mandal* "Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Signal Processing for the Quantitation of Neurometabolites" European Journal of Radiology 653– 664, 81(2012).
17. Pravat K. mandal*, Manjari Tripathi and Sreedevi Sugunan "Brain oxidative stress: Detection and mapping of anti-oxidant marker ‘Glutathione’ in different brain regions of healthy male/female, MCI and Alzheimer patients using non-invasive magnetic resonance spectroscopy" Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications 43-47, 417(2012)
18. Pravat K. Mandal* "Predictive Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease using State-of-the-Art Brain Imaging Techniques " Journal of Alzheimer's Disease vol 31 s1-s3 ( 2012)
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20. Pravat K Mandal* and Vinenzo Fodale " Anesthetics and Alzheimer Disease " Editorial, Journal of Alzheimer Disease, 22, 135-137 (2010)
21. Pravat K Mandal* and Manisha Ahuja "Comprehensive Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Studies on Interactions of Abeta with Different Molecular Sized Anesthetics" Journal of Alzheimer Disease, 22, 27-34 (2010)
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23. Daniela Schifilliti, Letterio B. Santamaria, Giovanni Rosa, Gianfranco Di Nino, Pravat K. Mandal, and Vincenzo Fodale "Cholinergic Central System, Alzheimer’s Disease and Anesthetics Liaisons: a vicious circle?" Journal of Alzheimer Disease, 22, 35-41 (2010).
24. Pravat K Mandal*, Neel S Bhavesh, Virender S. Chauhan and Vincenzo Fodale  "NMR investigations of Aβ peptide interactions with propofol at clinically relevant concentrations with and without aqueous halothane solution" Journal of Alzheimer Disease, (21:1303-1309, 2010)
25. Pravat K Mandal*, Virgil Simplaceanu  and Vincenzo Fodale : "Intravenous Anesthetic Diazepam does not induce Amyloid beta-peptide Oligomerization but Diazepam Co-administered with Halothane Oligomerizes Amyloid Beta-peptide: An NMR study"  Journal of Alzheimer Disease (Vol 20(1) pages 127-134, 2010)
26. V. Fodale, L.B. Santamaria, D. Schifilliti and P. K. Mandal : "Anaesthetics and post-operative cognitive dysfunction: a pathological mechanism mimicking Alzheimer’s Disease" Anesthesia Journal (Vol 65(4) page 388-395, April 2010).
27. Pravat K. Mandal* and Vincenzo Fodale :" Smaller molecular-sized anaesthetics oligomerize Abeta peptide simulating Alzheimer’s disease: a relevant issue" European Journal of Anesthesiology, Vol 26(10) Page 805-806 , 2009 - Editorial
28. Pravat K. Mandal*, Daniela Schifilliti, Federica Mafrica, and Vincenzo Fodale "Inhaled Anesthetics and Cognitive Performance" Drugs of Today, (45: 47-54, 2009).
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31. Pravat K. Mandal*, J. W. Pettegrew,” Clinically relevant concentration determination of inhaled anesthetics (halothane, soflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane) by 19F NMR” Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, (52:31-35, 2008)
32. Pravat K Mandal*, “Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and its application in Alzheimer’s Disease”  Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A (30, 40-65, 2007).
33. Pravat K. Mandal*, J. W. Pettegrew, E. Masliah,., R. L. Hamilton, and R. Mandal “Interaction between Aβ Peptide and α Synuclein: Molecular Mechanisms in Overlapping Pathology of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in Dementia with Lewy Body disease” Neurochemical Research, 31,1153-1162, (2006)
34. Pravat K. Mandal* and A. Majumdar, “A Comprehensive Discussion of HMQC and HSQC Pulse Sequences ” Concepts In Magnetic Resonance, 20A, 1-23 (2004)
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36. Pravat K. Mandal, R. McClure, J. W. Pettegrew “Interactions of Ab;(1-40)  with Glycerophosphocholine and Intact Erythrocyte Membranes: Fluorescence and Circular Dichroism Studies” (Neurochemical Research, 29, 2273-2279, 2004)
37. Pravat K. Mandal,  Pettegrew JW  “Alzheimer’s disease: soluble oligomeric Aβ(1.40) peptide in membrane mimic  environment from solution NMR and circular dichroism studies” (Neurochemical Research, 29, 2267-2272, 2004)
38. Yushmanov, V. E.; Pravat K Mandal; Liu, Z. W NMR structure and backbone dynamics of the extended second transmembrane domain of the human neuronal glycine receptor alpha(1) subunit Biochemistry Volume: 42 Pages: 3989-3995(2003)
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44. SCHAFFER, C; MULLER, N; MANDAL, PK A pyrophosphate bridge links the pyruvate-containing secondary cell wall polymer of Paenibacillus alvei CCM 2051 to muramic acid; GLYCOCONJUGATE JOURNAL Volume: 17 Pages: 681-690 ( 2000)
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53. Pravat K. Mandal, B. Sinha, P. T. Manoharan and S. Ramasesha, “Theoretical Studies of Spin States of Macrocyclic Aza-amido Binuclear Copper (II) Complexes ” Chemical Physics Letters, 191, 448-454 (1992)
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